XAudio2: Stop Currently Playing Sound

Using SlimDX, if you want to stop a sound which is currently playing via XAudio2, use the following methods on the SourceVoice object:


Switching from Git to Mercurial

June 03, 2011 git mercurial

I've decided to make the switch from using git to Mercurial. Git's syntax to me is much more complicated than it needs to be and Mercurial seems to be more my style. I find it's much easier to find out how to do things with Mercurial and to be honest, I use about 10% of the functionality in either git or Mercurial.

This also means I'll be transitioning Snowball to Codeplex I think. I'll be moving it away from GitHub for sure just not 100% sure where.

Marker Interfaces

May 24, 2011 design-patterns

In Snowball I was debating adding an empty interface to identify certain classes in my framework as components. I wasn't sure if this was code smell or not so I did some searching on Stackoverflow and found out this concept is actually called "Marker Interfaces". Learn something new every day.

ComponentGlue on GitHub

I moved the ComponentGlue repository to GitHub. I updated the example slightly and cleaned up some of the source code a little. Need to build a full blown app with it eventually.

Snowball and GitHub

April 12, 2011 .net github snowball

I started writing a 2D Game Engine on GitHub. I call it Snowball because I'm original like that.