Add the current time to your command prompt

November 26, 2020 cmd

I am someone who never made the jump to Powershell and to this day still use my cmd shell with pride. My cmd is very personalized at this point and is available on GitHub though I'm not sure how useful it is for anyone but me. I use git and GitHub to synchronize my cmd between my different machines.

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Execute different commands in MSBuild depending on platform

November 20, 2020 msbuild

Another quick snippet that shows how to change what command will be executed in MSBuild based on the OS the script is running on.

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Filter ItemGroup by extension in MSBuild

November 04, 2020 msbuild

Just a quick snippet that shows how to filter an exiting ItemGroup by an extension.

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Use Newtonsoft.Json in .NET Core 3 Web Api

October 22, 2020 .net .netcore

This post is mostly just distilling information I got from .NET Core Tutorials to revert back to Newtonsoft.Json in core WebApi.

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Node script for syntax highlighting

I decided to switch my blog to use highlightjs instead of the mixture of my own library and ColorCode. I still wanted everything to rendered statically though so I decided to use highlight.js as it already offered instructions on how to use the library from node.

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