Convert TypeScript AST to JSON

January 13, 2021 node typescript

I needed to convert a TypeScript AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) to json so that I can consume it in a C# application so I wrote a tiny node script to convert the AST to json.

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Starting Redis and the Redis CLI with Docker

January 08, 2021 docker redis

If you'd like to get a Redis instance up and running to play with it's fairly easy via Docker.

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NativeLibraryLoader for Assembly with ModuleInitializer

December 18, 2020 c# c#9

In C# 9 the ModuleInitializer atrribute was introduced which makes it easy to implement loading of native assemblies in your library.

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GitHub Actions

December 06, 2020 github

My blog is now being generated via GitHub actions in ubuntu-latest. This allows me to rebuild my blog everytime there is a pushed commit.

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Use nginx in docker to serve static files

December 01, 2020 docker nginx

Not sure how practical this really is but I thought it was neat. Run nginx and tell it to serve some static content on your system.

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