Component Glue v1.0

June 11, 2013 .NET, C#, ComponentGlue, Dependency Injection, Github, IoC, NuGet

I finally brought Component Glue up to a state where I felt like the product was finished. You can get it via NuGet:

`PM> Install-Package ComponentGlue`

or you can get the source from GitHub. The documentation is definitely sparse I know but I recommend taking a look at the unit tests to get a feel for what you can do with Component Glue.

Credit for the NuGet CSS here.


December 20, 2011 .NET, Command Shell, Console, Github, Quake, Terminal, Windows, WinQuakeCon

I've always wanted a program that would allow me have a command line that I could slide in and out of view as needed like the console from Quake. I never could find one and so I finally got decided to write a tool myself. A picture is below and the source code is on GitHub.

I'm not putting a download here as I don't consider this finished just yet.

Snowball and GitHub

April 12, 2011 Github, Snowball

I started writing a 2D Game Engine on GitHub. I call it Snowball because I'm original like that.