GitHub Actions

December 6, 2020github

My blog is now being generated via GitHub actions in ubuntu-latest. This allows me to rebuild my blog everytime there is a pushed commit.

The Build step is as follows:

- name: Build
  run: |
    git clone -b main bin
    cd compiler
    dotnet run -p compiler.csproj ../source ../bin
    cd ..

The output of my blog is stored in the main branch and the soruce for the blog is stored in the source branch. The source branch is a detatched head.

The output of the blog will all be placed in bin directory which is where the main branch is checked out. After the blog has been recompiled I can use git to push any changes if there are any.

- name: Publish
  run: |
    git log -1 --pretty=%B > commit.msg
    cd bin
    git config --global "smack0007"
    git config --global ""
    git add -A && git commit -F "../commit.msg"
    git push https://smack0007:${{ secrets.API_KEY }}

First store the commit message from the source branch in commit.msg. We'll use that for the commit message in the later step. Then we change directory into the bin directory of the main branch git repository. We then configure and and then make the commit to the main branch. After that we push using an API key from GitHub.