Practical WebAssembly

December 17, 2021javascriptwasmconciso

I wrote an article for my company conciso that attempts to show a practical usage of WebAssembly:

Use bash.exe to run bash scripts in Windows

September 1, 2021windowswslbash

If you have the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) installed then you can use wsl.exe to start any linux distribution you have installed from the command prompt. What I recently learned about though is that there is a bash.exe as well which can be used to execute a bash script directly.

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Powered by TypeScript

June 4, 2021typescript

Over the past couple of years my career has moved more and more torwards me becoming a frontend developer. Since 2018 I've basically been a TypeScript programmer professionally and the language has really grown on me. Over the last couple of days I've had some down time so I decided now was the time to reprogram the blog in TypeScript.

The site is still a static site but the compiler is a now a custom TypeScript program. The size of the program is now considerably smaller but that isn't necessarily becuase C# was bad but rather that this is the 2nd implementation and I know what I did and did not need.

Windows Terminal fork command

I wanted a way to fork the current tab in Windows Terminal and so I've come up with this PowerShell function:

function fork { wt -w 0 -d "$(Get-Location)" }

Convert TypeScript AST to JSON

January 13, 2021nodetypescript

I needed to convert a TypeScript AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) to json so that I can consume it in a C# application so I wrote a tiny node script to convert the AST to json.

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