NativeLibraryLoader for Assembly with ModuleInitializer

December 18, 2020c#c#9

In C# 9 the ModuleInitializer atrribute was introduced which makes it easy to implement loading of native assemblies in your library.

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GitHub Actions

December 6, 2020github

My blog is now being generated via GitHub actions in ubuntu-latest. This allows me to rebuild my blog everytime there is a pushed commit.

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Use nginx in docker to serve static files

December 1, 2020dockernginx

Not sure how practical this really is but I thought it was neat. Run nginx and tell it to serve some static content on your system.

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Add the current time to your command prompt

November 26, 2020cmd

I am someone who never made the jump to Powershell and to this day still use my cmd shell with pride. My cmd is very personalized at this point and is available on GitHub though I'm not sure how useful it is for anyone but me. I use git and GitHub to synchronize my cmd between my different machines.

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Execute different commands in MSBuild depending on platform

November 20, 2020msbuild

Another quick snippet that shows how to change what command will be executed in MSBuild based on the OS the script is running on.

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