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June 4, 2021typescript

Over the past couple of years my career has moved more and more torwards me becoming a frontend developer. Since 2018 I've basically been a TypeScript programmer professionally and the language has really grown on me. Over the last couple of days I've had some down time so I decided now was the time to reprogram the blog in TypeScript.

The site is still a static site but the compiler is a now a custom TypeScript program. The size of the program is now considerably smaller but that isn't necessarily becuase C# was bad but rather that this is the 2nd implementation and I know what I did and did not need.

Windows Terminal fork command

I wanted a way to fork the current tab in Windows Terminal and so I've come up with this PowerShell function:

function fork { wt -w 0 -d "$(Get-Location)" }

Convert TypeScript AST to JSON

January 13, 2021nodetypescript

I needed to convert a TypeScript AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) to json so that I can consume it in a C# application so I wrote a tiny node script to convert the AST to json.

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Starting Redis and the Redis CLI with Docker

January 8, 2021dockerredis

If you'd like to get a Redis instance up and running to play with it's fairly easy via Docker.

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NativeLibraryLoader for Assembly with ModuleInitializer

December 18, 2020c#c#9

In C# 9 the ModuleInitializer atrribute was introduced which makes it easy to implement loading of native assemblies in your library.

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