NativeLibraryLoader for Assembly with ModuleInitializer

December 18, 2020c#c#9

In C# 9 the ModuleInitializer atrribute was introduced which makes it easy to implement loading of native assemblies in your library.

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Node script for syntax highlighting

I decided to switch my blog to use highlightjs instead of the mixture of my own library and ColorCode. I still wanted everything to rendered statically though so I decided to use highlight.js as it already offered instructions on how to use the library from node.

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Enum Extension Methods

Did you know you can create extension methods for enums?

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Disable C# null checks for a field or property

January 2, 2020.netc#nrtnullable

The new nullable reference types in C# are great but sometimes you might need to disable it for a single field or property. You can do that by assigning the value to null and using the ! operator.

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Use nameof() to set a string variable to its name

December 17, 2019.netc#

This is one of those things that should have just been obvious to me but once I saw it I wondered why I had never thought to use it myself. nameof() can be used when declaring a variable to set the value of the variable to the name of the variable:

public const string MyVariable1 = nameof(MyVariable1);

public static void Main()
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