deno: Get the path of the current script in

In deno obtaining the path of the current script is done via the import.meta.url api:

const scriptPath = new URL(import.meta.url).pathname;

On Windows though this will return a path with unix style path seperators and a leading /:

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Iterating thru an Object in JavaScript

For the longest time if I wanted to iterate thru an object in JavaScript I would write code that looked something like this:

const obj = { a: "foo", b: "bar" };
for (const key of Object.keys(obj)) {, obj[key]);

Since ES2017 there is a better way of doing this using Object.entries() and destructuring:

const obj = { a: "foo", b: "bar" };
for (const [ key, value ] of Object.entries(obj)) {, value);
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Powered by TypeScript

June 4, 2021typescript

Over the past couple of years my career has moved more and more torwards me becoming a frontend developer. Since 2018 I've basically been a TypeScript programmer professionally and the language has really grown on me. Over the last couple of days I've had some down time so I decided now was the time to reprogram the blog in TypeScript.

The site is still a static site but the compiler is a now a custom TypeScript program. The size of the program is now considerably smaller but that isn't necessarily becuase C# was bad but rather that this is the 2nd implementation and I know what I did and did not need.

Convert TypeScript AST to JSON

January 13, 2021nodetypescript

I needed to convert a TypeScript AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) to json so that I can consume it in a C# application so I wrote a tiny node script to convert the AST to json.

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Predictable Random Number Generation in TypeScript


August 25, 2020typescriptrng

I got the idea for using this type of RNG from the javidx9 video Procedural Generation: Programming The Universe. It's a really good video as are most of the videos he produces so I recommend you give it a watch. The algorithm he talks about in the video is the Lehmer random number generator.

I'm implementing a simple match the blocks game in TypeScript and I wanted to implement the algorithm mentioned there in TypeScript.

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